Deeds VS Faith: Round 1

April 29, 2014

This morning I was reflecting on a concept that literally was a breakthrough in my walk with the Lord that I learned a few weeks ago at Tres Dias. I thought I’d share it here.   All my life I’ve been taught about the grace of God that Jesus’s blood on the cross bought for our redemption. I’ve also read and understood that much of the New Testament is  filled with admonitions of good deeds and works, with warnings of weeping and gnashing of teeth should one not apply what was being taught.  For years I’ve heard the “Jesus plus nothing” concept– that is Jesus paid it ALL, and there’s nothing we can do to earn salvation, and if we try to “do what we can and let Jesus meet us somewhere in the middle”, we’re not letting him pay it all. So for years I’ve wrestled with what is God’s responsibility versus mine in terms of what I work on internally inside me.  I’ve also wrestled with the concept of Love.  Have you ever felt guilty that you didn’t feel love for a homeless person?  I’ve been there and that’s part of my struggle.  According to the Word, love empowers us to be used of God and be fruitful. God wants our heart to be right, and that’s not something that we can easily do because the Word says the heart is deceitful.

Well, it turns out there’s only three things we’re responsible for.. the rest is up to Him. All three are things we can do as a decision, and that is truly liberating.

1. Get the Word in you. Both from God speaking to your heart and the written Word. Invite Holy Spirit to reveal revelation to you as you study.

2. Be grateful! An attitude of gratitude automatically squashes resentment and any bad attitude that would prevent us from receiving his grace. Remember, if you do not forgive you can’t be released in your forgiveness from the Father. So gratefulness will release us to forgiveness. Something that’s otherwise very difficult. Just list your blessings.

3. Now that our heart is right before God, be available. “Here am I Lord, use me for whatever you have for me.” This should be our daily mantra.

Watch as the Lord speaks to you with nuggets from the Word that you’ve never seen before, and watch as your love toward others grows. Then watch and see the opportunities God brings to you to share His love with others.