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Welcome to John's Plain Jane Web Page.
I know it's rather boring looking, but here's all the links you need.

Click Here for my photo gallery

John's Ham Radio Page
See (and hear) my repeater, as well as links to useful ham radio sites.

Great Annie Herring song

John's No more clog affiliate page
Learn how you can clean and keep your arteries clear.

John's Rebtel Long Distance page.
Click to get head scratching long distance rates like 2 to Australia or a penny to England! No, it's not a misprint; a penny per minute to the UK. Check out all the other destinations!

My thoughts on God and eternity
Do you believe the end is near? Click to read some of my thoughts on eternity.

My Blog
My ongoing thoughts on things I glean daily that I feel God is speaking.

John's Garage Sale
Click to look at my stuff I have for sale. I have Amateur radio equipment and other things that may interest you. My hope is that you'll find something you like!

My trip up the hill to photograph the lunar eclipse of April 15th
A few friends went with me to see the first blood moon of the Tetrad. Read about it here.

John's "Pay me" page
Come here if I have made prior arrangements with you for payment of something.

More coming soon!

Contact me at john at qso daught com