About This Site

And The Server It Runs On

We are slowly morphing this site, so don’t be surprised to see new content and upgraded features.  

N7OKN.com runs on it’s own Raspberry Pi 4. It’s a back-end server with the main QSO.com Pi on the front end, acting as a proxy server for 3 other domains. About March of 2021, I (John Griffith) upgraded n7okn.com from a text only site to a more professional looking WordPress site as it badly needed a facelift. Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ helped me get started on it, and I appreciate his help and nudging.

The Raspberry Pi has come into its own as a reliable affordable computer. The Pi that runs N7OKN.com has 4 GB RAM and a 256GB M.2 NVME drive. The drive is the long black thingy attached to the Pi. The Pi natively uses a micro SD card, but can be made to boot and run from its USB 3.1 ports making it faster and more reliable.

This is what the M.2 drive looks like out of its shell:

Solid State drives are in most laptops and many desktop computers these days. It’s preferred over spinning platters for a number of reasons.

This server runs on a variant of Debian called Bullseye for Raspberry Pi. We use Apache2 for the web server, and a stand-alone installation of WordPress for n7okn.com.

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