About My Repeater

If you’re in the east valley, try to access my repeater on 440.675 MHz (+) with a PL (CTCSS) of 107.2 Hz. It’s on AllStar node 29600, and it’s usually tied to the Western Inter-tie Network (WIN system). The WIN System is a link of over 100 or so full time repeaters all connected to each other from all over the USA and the world. Some are connected using RF, others use the Internet on Allstar or IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project). My repeater is built on Asterisk, the Open Source Telephony Project. Asterisk is much more than a telephone system, it’s a communications tinkerer’s playground; a great platform from which to build a repeater. When you talk on my repeater, you’re being heard on local ham repeaters all over the world!

I run my repeater on 100% solar, with a backup battery at night.
Here is the link describing my solar system.

View from back yard
View from front yard
Repeater being tuned and programmed before being shipped to me.
It was so heavy I had to gut it before mounting it.
Individual modules on the floor while mounting the shell.
Powered on and working.

Click here to hear my repeater on streaming audio
Click here to find out more about ham radio.
Baofeng UV-82 dual band hendheld, 5W
TYT TH-9000 UHF Mobile radio
Here are some things I have for sale including amateur radio equipment.

More coming soon!

Contact me at john at qso daught com

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