2020 The year of Fire

Thursday Dec. 31, 2020

Well 2020.. it’s been a year like no other hasn’t it? What a ride. Have you been refined through fire? I feel like I have and I believe this is what this shaking is about. For everything that’s happened in this world, I’ve been looking at events through the filter of God’s eyes and what he’s been trying to accomplish. Indeed, the enemy has thrown so much at us, so much chaos and mis-direction that it’s hard to believe anything we hear these days, although so much of it seems right. Jesus warned us over and over, that in the coming days, the enemy would attack with false teachers that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Mt. 24:24. We must guard ourselves with the Word, much prayer, and humility so that we don’t become proud and think we know how to self-guide. Lastly be filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit can tell us what to believe and where to turn, for without him, we grope in the dark, and deceiveing spirits will have us.

We all have the ability within ourselves to decide what the truth is for us, then to solidify that belief to the point of boldness and couragous action. Just look at the rioters and those who do much evil in our society. To them their truth is king, and they have solidified their hearts to what they’ve been convinced. They have hardened their hearts and seared their conscience because they had to bypass what God put in their hearts from birth to become so enboldened.

We as believers have the same opportunity, but the conviction that we must solidify in our hearts must be based on God’s word, and his direction through the Holy Spirit. It must be rooted in humility, and built upon how Jesus lived his life on Earth. Otherwise we will not have God’s power flowing through us to do his will in us. That said, when these precepts are in alignment in our lives, we can take what we hear and read, and filter the truth from it. We wind up with a view of the world that is from God’s perspective (and know the truth). This gives us empathy for the suffering; it’s from God’s heart to ours, and it vanquishes fear. When we have the real truth, we no longer need to fear, and that gives us great power; for fear is from the enemy. So in knowing that, the God who created the universe will empower, embolden, and lead us to serve him by comforting others.

When we know the truth, we can see clearly a path that is invisible to others. It allows us to steer around dangers where others are caught, and walk through situations where others fear to go. I believe the anxiety and fear people are experiencing over this Covid-19 crisis is due to NOT knowing the clear truth, and they really don’t know how to be led by the Spirit in confidence and strength to navigate life based on Our Lord’s guiding hand of Love and protection. They’re like sheep trying to be led by many different voices. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice”

All it takes is to humble yourself and ask God to take over your life. You must believe that he sacrificed himself on the Cross and died to take punishment for your sins, not his. Also to acknoledge pubically that he raised himself on the 3rd day and still lives to interceed for us because of his sacrifice and because he loves you so dearly. I paraphrase his words, “Everything you live for must take a back seat to me”. He wants to re-orient your priorities so that he can protect you and your family and make you fearless. Everything we hold in esteem more than him, is idol worship, and is an abomination to God.

As we consider this, I know in my heart the truths I have found and have come to know that they are true. It doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING I see around me completely agrees with what I know to believe is true– especially those things for which there are differing opinions– for as we see clearer in the Spirit, it won’t match up with the things that seem right in the physical. The Amplified Bible sums it up quite well in Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.” Yet, no deception is present when God and His Word are involved.

I pray for everyone who reads this, that if you haven’t yet, fall on your face with humility before God, and ask him to steer your life. You will assuredly be led into Devine appointments, and other sources who can give you the real truth, and indeed, when you read or hear something that is false, the Holy Spirit will confirm deception or truth.

May you be blessed to guide others in the coming future. Ours is bright.