The Jury is Out!

January 7, 2021

I had a dream last night that a group of people were praying. They were in a small section seated together as if they were a Jury. One would say, “Next up we need rain. All in favor?” and if one didn’t raise their hand, they would deliberate until all were in agreement. Once they were, the leader said a short prayer, “Lord we call for rain in the name of Jesus!” The rest shouted together, “Let it be done!” Shortly after, rain would fall. They did many of these short requests all in the same way. Some were quite clever and affected the world in a real way. Once the item was agreed upon, the information was sent to God, and the order was carried out. Because it was sent in Jesus name, it had Jesus’ stamp on it. And since he has been given all power and authority, the thing could not be un-done. The enemies of God couldn’t do a thing about what was happening except to try to break up the group or sow discontent and doubt.

In a Jury, only a unanimous vote sets the judgement, and the Judge then sets the sentence. God has given us that power to declare from Heaven what God intends on Earth. When a Jury makes a determination, it carries so much weight that the judgement must happen, and always does. That’s the same weight as when we in one accord, agree on any one thing in Jesus’ name, it will be done, no questions asked.

Jesus said on a number of occasions that whatever the request, if you doubt not, it will be done for you. We just haven’t learned about the real authority we’ve been given as Sons of God. Of course it HAS to be things of which God is doing and is intending at the time. Our requests must align with what his will is. How do we know? Lean into Him, be filled with the Spirit, and walk in the Spirit. Through this intimacy we have with Him, we will know what he’s up to, and we will fill that role of being a conduit by which we receive blessings and bring down, “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”