The Storm– Know what’s coming!

This is a Two-Part discovery of the role God has for his Church in these days. The first will discuss the general nature of what is happening, so that we won’t be taken off guard and will be prepared. In the 2nd part, we’ll expound on how the Believer can internalize and process events so as to eliminate fear and rise to the calling God has for us.

For quite a while now, I’ve wanted to update my readers with my perspective of what happening to us, and to attempt to make aware to whomever I can, the chaos that is coming upon us soon. Many have no idea what is really happening. Because so much information is being updated daily, I find it hard to know where to start, so I decided to approach this from the spiritual view– proclaiming truth that doesn’t change, and speaking of things that are non-negotiable.

Many maintain that everything that’s on traditional news sources is the only thing that’s reliable, and that there is no bombastic new reality that’s upon us. I beg to differ. But in listening to anyone, you must ask God to reveal to you if what they are saying is the truth. You must also be willing to set aside your own wishes to what you would want to hear, and be open to what the Holy Spirit wants to reveal. In considering someone’s video or teaching, try to find out their take on Jesus, Holy Spirit, abortion, and liberty as well. Many are disguising themselves as angels of light. We must have razor sharp discernment and clear thinking.

I have found a few good names whom I believe have the Spirit of God in them, and the Lord has empowered them to speak boldly. The MSM (main stream media) and many previously trustworthy sites such as Wikipedia have turned anti-Christian, and are doing everything in their power to discredit anyone who proclaims the truth. I believe God wants his people on the true inside track of what’s happening because we are his hands and feet, and we– through his power and our unity– bring about his wishes through faith and love to the world. In my previous post on prayer, I discussed how much authority we have because of Jesus sacrifice on the Cross. His Church and his people who pray in knowledge and discernment will bring Heaven to Earth as the Lord’s Prayer dictates. This is certainly fighting words for most of the press and government officials as this season of Covid was supposed to be what brings the end of the era of freedom and liberty, and to prepare all countries for the coming World collapse. Instead, God has said that this is a time for his Church to awaken and take back what Satan has stolen. Satan just can’t wait and is chomping at the bit for his short time to have complete free reign of this world and dictate everything in it, without the pesky praying believers holding him back. His time of reign was foretold in the Scriptures. But he’s early, and God is making his Church ready for the pushing back of the darkness in the Spirit, both in the Heavenlies and in the governments of Earth in order to have time to finish evangelizing the world.

In my opinion, Lance Wallnau, Perry Stone, Maurio Murrillo, Mark Taylor, Jonathan Kahn, Lin Wood, Charlie Ward, Robin Bullock, Dutch Sheets, Sid Roth, Kat Kerr as well as others, they’re all united in telling the Body of Christ that the time has come to shed the old nature and put on garments of righteousness, and let Jesus have the reigns of your life. They go into detail about the spiritual war taking place in the invisible realm, as well as what’s happening in Washington and places of government, to explain a lot of what we’re seeing and not seeing. Flashpoint is a show worth watching (that often has these people on) to get caught up. You would do well to start first with God’s word if you’re not familiar with it, perhaps reading the Gospels or the book of Acts. Then reading and listening to these people of God who put their lives on the line to get this message out. Ask God to place you in a local Church if you need a Church home. He will lead you to the right place if you ask in humility. It should have people in it who are un-compromised regarding God’s word. Many churches won’t touch topics of current events or many of the topics the God is up to in these days. You need to be immersed with like-minded Believers who are not afraid to meet in person as the Bible says, so that you can be trained up to be what God has for you. I add my local Pastor to the list of people listed above, because he’s passionate about Christ’s call to make His Bride powerful to push back the darkness, and he’s not afraid to speak out about difficult issues.

Still, be very careful to weed out any falsehood through discernment and wisdom which is freely given by God through the Holy Spirit. The bottom line on this is to ask God what to believe based on the Holy Scriptures. Do this in humility and sincerity! He will guide you to what he wants you to know so you can have your particular role honed in and you can be free from fear because you know the truth. Don’t be too crazy trying to find out things that have nothing to do with your calling, but all things Holy, and then only the things that your heart tells you that you need to know in order to be His servant and He will assign to you your task. People who decide their own truth based on their own selfish desires is evil, and has no place in the body of Christ.

In much of the world, Believers are earnestly praying for America, that we can rise from the shackles of darkness and defeat the global elite through God’s power. That’s what this is all about. Most countries have already fallen to the globalists and are pretty much economically dead. They pray the US will perpetuate a victory to the rest of the world, not to just itself.

Jesus has been uniting his people and waking up his Church as to the persecution that’s coming and to the forces that are united against us. For example; they want to make it illegal to meet in person or proclaim God’s truth on Social Media and in other ways. This we must fight. And he is now commissioning his people to spread the word about his soon return, and he needs his Bride (Church) ready now.

What’s coming will take everyone by surprise, but to us who expect it, we’ll know it as it is, a shaking by God to bring the Church into its destiny in the cosmic story, and we won’t fear. Stock up on popcorn and enjoy the ride.