God Wants You in the Battle!

This is the 2nd part of The Storm, Know what’s coming. Please read the first part first.

I’m going to approach the coming events through the perspective of those who see it coming but haven’t a clue how to process it. As this world’s economy and support structure is crumbling, our wallets getting lighter, tempers getting hotter, sleep becoming shallower, government gripping tighter, rights are getting fewer, freedom getting scarcer, and relationships becoming emptier, I find that many are unable to make sense of it all.

The absence of the answer to “what and why” is causing us to lose the meaning that feeds our souls and brings fulfillment and contentment. We simply need truth in order to be secured and confident. What I’m saying is this; We gain a greater measure of security and peace if we have prepared for every conceivable circumstance before engaging in an action. In a car race, the team has extra tires, enough fuel, spare parts, and as much safety packed in as possible to protect the driver should something happen. The truth that these things are in place make for confidence and peace. The rest is acceptable risk that the driver and crew has decided they will not let be a factor. All the questions of why and how are answered. Should something happen, the question isn’t “how are we going to get through this, this is awful!”. No, they say, “We rehearsed this, we know what to do.”

In a nutshell, I believe that this is the crux of what is feeding the fear monster. It’s not the circumstances themselves that dictates our security and contentment. Remember the Apostle Paul told us he has learned to be content no matter the circumstances. That contentment couldn’t happen unless he was secure as to why he was suffering (because he was preaching the good news of Jesus), and how he was going to get through (God said I’ll take care of everything because you trust me and I have your back.). But all the Lord may say is, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this!”, and that’s enough to put the matter to rest. It’s because we know that the Creator who spoke the universe into existence, who knows everything, has our best interest at heart. Anything else but a complete trust in him puts us at odds with him, and then everything is back on our shoulders again. This will always pull at us and make us aware of that hole we’re always trying to fill, but seems to never go away. Then any circumstances beyond our control will make us crazy.

Under normal circumstances, many can manage that hole, although it’s always there, we continue to put on a good face but continue to try to fill it. But what if external circumstances disturb the equilibrium we’ve decided to just manage? What if we are then called to perform at a much greater level of integrity and effort than we’ve agreed to before? If the need to step up to an elevated level of service is based on false information, I’m afraid many would decide to give up, abandon their responsibility and become the victim. Such people always complain about everything and expect the world to cater to their misery. You can easily be manipulated into slavery under that condition.

Others will see the challenge, thinking they can do it in their own strength– not wanting to go the route of the victim– put on a bold face and tackle the situation head on, dealing with everything they need to deal with, while at the same time never quite sure as what they’re fighting for because they don’t know why, they only know that things are not right. They deplete their stamina and wherewithal, creating burnout. They then become the victim, let the Government take care of them, again, slavery.

Energy and drive to do our task comes from that complete picture of who we are, why we are here, and knowing our source. We will always have what we need because we are alive, and we know why we were put here. It’s because we were made uniquely by God with a purpose, He is the only source of this assurance.

If we’re not secure in who and whose we are, the gripping need to protect what we do have, will make us narcissistic, and self preservation will rule us. We won’t embrace the truth of what’s really happening, because it will be threating, and when threatened, we fight against it or run. We can’t keep up the charade of in-charge and secure long. Pride does bring down the house of cards rather quickly.

Like it or not, life on this earth is about to get very dicey. Everyone is about to come face to face with that choice, as there will be little grace left in this world (from people or Government anyway) to maintain that image of security while that un-fulfilled hole drains us. By dicey, I’m referring to the coming battle for America’s soul as has been building for years.

It’s up to you to be on your face and seek out the real truth in humility before God. The point is, that without a firm belief in the absolute truth about why you are here at this time in the first place, you won’t find direction or resources within yourself to make any good decision for your path, especially if it’s risky and involves the unknown. Of course everyone will have a different role, and much of that roll pivots on your talents, environment, personality, your current resources and so on. God made us uniquely to have our own mission, that’s why following only the Lord, not any other voices, is crucial.

Most people who are not secure in their walk, when faced with crisis tend to hold tighter to their things and resources. Fear of losing what you have consumes one to the point of mental un-stability. I will go as far as to say, if you lament your loss, you haven’t found the source of Life and resources. Jesus said, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it” He also said, “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

This truth is only found when meeting with the creator of the Universe. He made you, he gifted you with what you were meant to do right now. You already have all the resources and wherewithal to accomplish what you are meant to do at this moment. We don’t need to have any fear, or pause for how you will be provided for, and you can have a clear understanding of your situation and mission objective. “Without a vision, the people perish.” When you run out of provision, he’ll provide more, and most abundantly. You may say, “But you don’t know my circumstances!” But God does, and he has made a way so that those circumstances won’t be a hindrance for your job. We often ask God to remove the source of a difficulty so that the difficulty goes away and we can do our job. We need to ask him, “Give me the ability to do my job however you wish.” He then sees your faith that he will accomplish fruit in your life, and He will do it in a way we wouldn’t expect.

Knowing Him is the first priority. Let him fill you, clean you up, and even if none of your circumstances change (but many times they do), you will be fit to enter into your calling and equipped to do so. Most of all, you will be at peace and content with what’s been given you.

Go in Peace.