My request for Vaccine Exemption

My workplace has sent us a notice that we must get vaccinated by January 5th.
Here is my letter to them requesting Religious and/or medical vaccine exemption.

To HR Dept.

I hereby file a vaccine exemption request based on Religious and Medical grounds.


I am a member of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Control Group.  I joined so that experts could follow the pathology of Covid trends for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated groups.  They are closely tracking my health and Covid recovery. 

Additionally, medically, I should not get the Vaccine because now that I have suffered through Covid, I have a very strong immunization against the virus, and therefore the Vaccine would actually reduce my immunity.  My immunity numbers are at the top figure possible.  This could not be achieved through vaccination.  Many studies have been done on this, and here is a main-stream media article about it.  In one study in Israel, according to the article, and I quote: “They found that the vaccinated group that did not report any prior infection was much more at risk of catching COVID-19 later, than those who had already been infected but not vaccinated. There was a 13-fold higher risk of a breakthrough infection compared with reinfection.”

I won’t slant the narrative by bringing in all the “conspiracy theory” data, but I’ll just say that there’s some real truth being silenced out there. But this one is from what some of us call the “fake news”.


I am a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, and my life is in the hands of Jesus my Lord and my God.
I sought the Lord on getting the Vaccine, and for me his answer was no. I’m beginning to learn more and more why, and I see very clearly now why this is such a hot button topic.

The following is all about my faith and my deep-seated beliefs, but to put this together properly, I must go to the political side a bit. When this outbreak first started, I decided to wait and see what the official line was going to be about combating this thing.  I knew from Holy Spirit and from my long-time friendship with others who are filled with the Spirit, that the Lord always protects his people– usually through natural ways to accomplish supernatural results. So I didn’t know at the time, but do now, that God had the real answer to this illness all along for those who seek him and choose not to let fear in any way dictate their actions.  The remedy is simply Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and a Zinc Ionophore (that’s required to activate the Zinc to kill viruses).  There are only three Zinc Ionophores listed in the books: Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Quercetin.

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been all but banned, but the Lord has let Quercetin slip through the cracks for those who will seek and believe. Please see the article I posted on my web page under the Covid heading for Quercetin information, and my blog entry for my experience in the Hospital.

So before I knew all this, I started to see the media and government start lying to us about what to do when sickness comes.  I already knew the truth about what Dr. Peter McCullough has discussed about anti-viral medications out there that the medical community won’t acknowledge, so I became suspect when the directive for treatment was only quarantine and social distancing. But when you get sick, “Do not treat”.  They told us to go to the Hospital only when you can’t breathe, and you become too weak to take care of yourself.  This is STILL the official directive, and it’s killing thousands still.  Then we see that the Government pays the Hospital for every Covid death, and that Doctors and nurses are crying foul and trying to get the truth out.  They’re getting silenced for this. I have a video you can check out on my web site of a Nurse telling the truth about what’s happening.

All of this in NOT just random.  I truly believe this was all meant to be a de-population tool conceived and put into place by the world’s biggest despots.  My web site at has a lot of this irrefutable information.

The point is, Satan came early to try to institute the Beast system, and he nearly succeeded. If America had been as asleep as Australia was (total loss of freedom there now), the enemy would have been able to keep the sleepy church from awakening.  But enough Christians have humbled themselves, sought his face, and prayed. God in his mercy is exposing the corruption and the plan to destroy America. It’s not just the Pandemic, it’s the race baiting, and the corrupt banking system trying to bring down our nation. That’s the reason that Biden, in all his EO’s, was put into office by the enemy to systematically bring us down.

But God! 

You can see why I cannot take the Vaccine. It would be me saying, “I reject the cure for Covid that God has given us, I accept the draconian authority the Government has imposed on me, and I accept that this Vaccine will take over in every way, my natural immune system, and within 2 years, natural immunity against ANYTHING will be gone, and I will be dependent on the Government to supply future immunity should they see that I’ve behaved myself.

The good news is that the Lord will take this all away, and that God himself will expose all of this (it’s already happening if you know where to look), and those who repent and turn to him will get a supernatural healing. If you’ve taken the Jab, wake up! It’s not too late.  God is about to fill this earth with his Glory and Covid will be left in the dust.  I’m optimistic, filled with peace, and fear nothing.

Therefore, I request my exemption.