Thoughts on my Covid Experience

Last August my Wife and I spent 8 days in the hospital for Covid. I want to write about it and discuss how I dealt with internally and what I did practically. We are Christian Believers, and I had asked God from the outset to bring me to a place of peace, and cause me to have no fear of this thing. God gave me the tools to work out all the scenarios that could possibly happen to me, and I decided that nothing would rob my of my peace in Christ Jesus.

Here’s something I find unique about God’s Grace and Love. He not only gives up peace supernaturally, but he gives us wisdom in knowing what to do in a given situation, so that when we face a situation, He gives us answers of how the thing can be worked out. For instance, God said to Israel, “If you do so and so, then this calamity won’t happen.” Over and over he told them how they could get out of difficult predicaments. We can have that same assurance. He can give us what we need so that we don’t end up like ones who have no hope.

In December 2019 when I first learned about Covid, things happened that didn’t quite make sense to me, and I decided to follow the clues. The first clue was just how fast it spread almost seemingly overnight. Every time more clues came along, the pieces just fit into place. The clues led me to believe much of the information given us by the media and government politicians was designed to make us afraid, as well as take control over us to make us believe that they know what’s best, and not to rely on our common sense. You see, I judge everything by the Spirit of Christ, and by the time everything was in lock-down, I was convinced (way before the truth on a lot of this stuff came out), that the enemy was behind all of it. The media and most governments, led by our common enemy, led the masses into mass panic where none was warranted. The science never justified what the media and the medical community was doing or telling the public.

This is what I was convinced of by the time we were in the middle of lock-down:

1. I didn’t have to fear this thing at all, because when you’re in the shelter of the Almighty, you don’t have to worry, because you’re no longer your own, you belong to Him.

2. So many things didn’t make at all sense, and it was proof beyond reason that this was being perpetuated by people pushing an agenda. One simple example: Although it’s been proven over and over that there are cheap remedies that will cure you if you should get sick, the powers that be silenced all of that, and they maintain that ONLY recourse is the vaccine. Thousands of awakened Doctors are trying as hard as they can to get the word out, while the official protocol is “do not treat until breathing gets difficult and hospitalization is needed”. It’s a prescription for death if you ask me. Secretly, many Doctors and Nurses are aware of what’s happening. There are videos portraying nurses and at least one account of a Doctor actually high-5’ing patients that come in and admit they have their own sources of these life saving supplements. The hospital staff are gagged for fear of termination should they recommend the real cure. I have a very good video on all this under my Covid heading on my website.

3. The jab (vaccine) doesn’t work as promised. Recent reports indicate that you’re just as likely to go to the hospital with or without it. I know people personally who have been hospitalized after having both jabs.

4. Recovery from Covid gives you much stronger antibodies against it when you’ve not been vaxed. We’ve seen this ourselves personally, and recently there was an article with proof. Members of the CDC admitted that natural antibody strength is much greater once a person is recovered. Vaxed people never gain as strong an immune system against it as the unvaxed.

5. Covid was actually manufactured in a lab in China for this purpose.

When Connie and I started to get sick in August, we didn’t think it was Covid, and one of the supplements that had always worked before to rid us of bugs when we felt something coming on, just didn’t work this time. The symptoms just got worse, so we went to get tested and found out we had Covid. We had Hydroxychloroquine on hand from an order we had placed a year ago and we started taking it the next day when the positive test results came. Had we started it when symptoms first started, I’m convinced we could have avoided the hospital. It was a few days later I was very sick, and could barely walk. That’s when we called the ambulance to wheel me to the hospital. Connie followed 3 days later.

The whole time I was there, I never lost hope, never feared for my life, although most of the Doctors I saw at first, said that my symptoms were grave, and that my contributing factors made it even worse. Throughout the visit, we were smuggled in Ivermectin and the hospital graciously gave me Vitamin D and Zinc, the co-factors that actually fight the disease. Ivermectin (as well as Hydroxychloroquine) is a Zinc ionaphore, which means it creates the condition by which Zinc (the real punch against Covid) can get in and kill the virus. There are three known ionaphores ; Quercetin, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Only Quercetin is easily available over the counter. The other two are very hard to get anymore.. thanks to our kind-hearted government officials. That’s why I was never concerned throughout all of this; I knew God had my back by showing us the wisdom of Zinc, Vitamin d and Ivermectin, and by knowing that even if I didn’t make it, I had an incredible reward waiting for me.

I know God used me during my time in the hospital. I was able to comfort stressed out nurses and workers, telling them that they were in God’s hands and protected. I prayed for them while they were in the room, and some told me how difficult it was being assigned to Covid care. None of them refused prayer, and all thanked me very much. Whatever situation I find myself in, I always know God has a plan for me there, and so there’s always something from Him for me to do.

Covid does not have to be the enemy. Fear is our battle, and control from others is what we will succumb to if we let fear dominate. The way to fight fear? Surrender to Jesus and let him take over. He will take away all fear and anxiety that Covid was designed to grip us.

My hope is that these words will boost your faith and give you greater hope that not all is lost. The more that people such as you and I realize this truth– that God is so much stronger than the most powerful despot on earth, and that through Christ’s blood, we have been given the same authority over the evils that would enslave us, the more we will overcome and push back this agenda and Covid will only be a vague memory.