Is the Church in Danger?

October 10, 2020

Many have been talking about hearing various pastors and Prophets talking about a coming revival. This has been echoed in Churches, on religious air broadcasts, and just about anywhere the current state of Christianity is discussed. Many of us just seem to be waiting for God to start something where we are, or for him to spontaneously start it everywhere. However revival never starts like that. It starts when individuals, filled with the Holy Spirit, deciding to throw caution to the wind and move out in boldness to do something that God is leading them to do.

Right now the Lord’s Church is under threat, and it may eventually have to go underground. Those churches that are luke-warm will probably not be affected at first, as their Pastors keep their flock asleep and keep them unaware of the dangers and threats of our current situation. Many are not aware the left and globalists are actively dismantling our right to religious freedom. You will agree that it’s not PC any more to preach on hell, repentance, what God calls sin (especially the ones he detests), requirement for humility and brokenness, even talk about Christ’s blood… and the list goes on. No one wants to know that their sinful actions will send them to hell unless they confess their sin, repent and let the Holy Spirit turn their life around to God’s way- that is: living a life of humility, submission and obedience before Him. That’s all in the definition of “Believe in Him”, not just merely accepting the salvation story as truth. Jesus and Paul both warned over and over that one’s actions come from the heart, and that it is what’s in the heart that condemns or justifies.

As is the case today, in Acts chapter 4, the government was looking for any means possible to shut down the spread of Christianity because it challenged their agenda and took away their control over the people (at least they saw it that way). Peter called the people to pray in order to combat the threat. In Acts 4:29, he prayed for boldness in everyone, and that great miracles could happen. The people were all filled, and so many miracles took place. The ill were healed just by touching Peter’s shadow. The government then couldn’t deny the miracles, and the Church didn’t have to go underground for a time.

We as God’s people need to pray Peter’s prayer (Acts 4:24-30). Then when we are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, we can then do God’s bidding and then revival will start. We all know the passage that says, “All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes.” Read the story of Joseph, it’s a testimony to this principal. Most of us don’t understand how we can be on the offense and leverage this to work for the good of the Church. When something happens to push the Church back, God’s will and purpose is to fight for his people and his Church. But he uses HIS people’s arms hands and feet to accomplish his plan.

One of the most effective strategies we have is to turn back the attack on the enemy. A simple example: Say a church building is burned down, and it was intentional. The Church can pray, “Lord let this work together for good, and your will be accomplished. Let there be double the damage to your enemy!” A prayer in humble faith is all it needs. It’s done. We don’t have to know how God will take his revenge, we may see it but may not, but revenge is his. In due time, the enemy will be punished, and justice will be done, but we may not know the outcome, we just know God’s promises, and that’s enough.

 Every bad thing we see in the world.. all the corruption, all the riots, looting, Corona Virus.. everything we see as an attack on our freedoms and beliefs, and everything that is designed to make us afraid, we can stand up in the power of the Holy Spirit, use the scripture against it all and turn this thing around fast! Look at what’s already happened– the fires, the pandemic, riots– all have already happened. The darker things get, the more more glory God gets when he turns it all around. We are God’s hand and feet, but he does his work through our obedience. We must use our authority we have in Christ to pray and work offensively against it, and to work it back. That prayer again is simply,

Lord anoint your people with fire and power, and let there be signs, wonders and miracles. Lord we know that you have allowed the evildoers to work their evil into our society, and we know that everything that has been perpetrated against us, you will work for our good because we love you are are called to your purposes. Now turn it back on our enemy so that your glory will be revealed.

If everyone that loves God will pray that prayer in sincerity, I believe revival will break out as we are all anticipating.