Proud Petty People We Are

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

I propose that a possible reason for our lack of ability to walk in the supernatural, is that God opposes the proud. When problems come our way, our reaction is to combat it so that we will live in comfort. If that doesn’t work, we feel defeated and wanting.

Everything has a reason. 
I suspect there isn’t anything that’s random, for everything has an order to it. God made the universe complete. So when we are met with adversity, there is always either God’s way, or Satan’s way out. Satan would have us complain about things and beg God to take away the situation. God doesn’t respond to begging because begging is basically demanding God to do something while we’re full of pride and without humility, telling him how it should be done. When we are dissatisfied with a situation that directly affects us that we cannot control, we (as we should) ask for God to intervene on our behalf, we then should rejoice in God that he heard our prayer, and that he has already taken the situation over and that we are no longer victims of it, even if it looks like the situation is the same.  But if God does not seem (to us) to resolve it, or if it becomes worse, we risk the temptation to be resentful or bitter about it, that means that we have pride and feel we know better than him. No wonder we see so little victory in our lives. A prayer of deliverance has to be “I give this to you, and I give up the right to dictate how it will be handled.” We have the choice in everything to be humble, tell ourselves that God is in control, and let him have it. Then the peace that passes understanding can rule our hearts, because we choose to. Be intentional about your response to your circumstances.