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John Griffith N7OKN

The Truth About What We’re now Up Against
Mario Murrillo’s Take on SCOTUS Scandal
Update: Latest & Best Outpatient Covid Protocols!
Is our news getting it right regarding Ukraine?
Building an Allstar Node

Run WordPress on a Pi, the easy way!
Secure your Pi WordPress with HTTPS
About this site and the hardware that runs it
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Full Resolution Pic of my web page background
My Repeater Info
Random Sites From Hams Worldwide
My Solar project to power my repeater
Great Annie Herring song (Holding on to all I have)
My Garage Sale
My Pay me page
My Daughter Painted a Bus!
Covid: Critical Information
FCC now requires an Email Address for Every Licensee
My Blog Page
Planet Lock-down: The Financial Angle
Videos you must see

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  1. Hi John. Thanks for the website update. Looks great. I originally entered “” and I was redirected here. I have a website also but I haven’t updated it forever and it is a voice-over thing. Happiness, health, God bless, and 73s.

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