Funny Stuff

Here’s a collection of the stuff that really made me laugh.

These are real posts on Craigslist:

What do you think of that Gus?

Out here on the ranch we got this one guy Gus who would always tell the biggest whoopers.

He’d lie just about everything and anything. We knew he was always lying cause what ever came out of his mouth was always so unbelievable.

So one day me and the boy’s thought we teach him a lesson and tell him a big ole lie ourselves to show him just how ridiculous he was. Well we finally cornered him one day after church and told him how we were just sitting there in church waiting for the preacher to start when all of a sudden the front church doors busted wide open and in come running in this great big ole grizzly bear.

Not far behind it was this little lil chihuahua growling and snarling at that grizzly. And can you believe it that chihuahua attack, killed and ate that big ole grizzly.

What do you think of that Gus?

Then Gus say’s, ‘doesn’t surprise me one bit that my dog would do that’.