A Word for a Visiting Family

At our Church we have a gathering on Friday evening for those who want more of God and desire to press in to his love and intimacy. There are many families that attend our Church that I don’t know, and the Family that sat against the wall that night was another Family that I purposed in my heart to get to know once the meeting was over. But I really couldn’t shake the idea that there was something special about them. So when the invitation came for someone to share anything the Lord was laying on their heart, I just had to say something to the whole assembly.

“I don’t know this beautiful Family here, but I sense a real presence of God and destiny upon them. The Lord is going to use this family mightily in His Kingdom. And your unborn child will be used by God to bring many to Christ. Keep pushing into His Glory, His presence and love, and He will protect you from anything that would come against you, for you are His, and he won’t let you be harmed because you are set apart.” Well that’s the best I can remember anyway.

At the end of the meeting as is the custom, we separated into groups so as to pray for one another. The Father of that family shared with us that earlier that day, Mom felt in her heart that they should go to Church that evening. Who has Church meetings on Friday? They looked on Google and found our little Church had a meeting that night, and they decided to come. Never had they heard of us, and that this was their first time to attend. I felt very humbled the Lord would use me to speak a blessing into their life.

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