A Discussion With the Owner/Chef

I’m always looking to find ways of spreading the great news of Jesus. That subject is always on my front burner, and I rejoice when I have the opportunity to engage in such conversation.

Such was the case when Connie and I visited Mexi-Q, a small restaurant just a rock’s throw from the Church we attend. It’s Texas BBQ with a Mexican twist. We decided to get the ‘Grandma’s Calabacitas’, and the Smoked Chili Verde Burrito. The level of goodness and wow-factor pegged our meter. While we were talking about it, the owner and chief chef came up and asked if we were enjoying our meal. I felt like taking a line out of Billy Joel’s song The Piano Man; “Man, What are you doin’ here!” Connie and I asked him about how he came up with his ideas, and he told us frankly that everyone always said that if Grandma ever opened a kitchen that it would do well. He opened this place up last Fall, and his Grandma’s recipes don’t disappoint.

I told him I believed he could take this business as far as he wished, and that this could go big, as it is that good. I heard the Lord telling me to tell him that he has blessed him with a gift, and that God is going to use him to bless many others through your Grandma’s recipe’s. I asked him if I could pray for him and his restaurant, and he of course said yes. I asked the Lord to bless him and give him divine guidance for the future, and to protect him from anyone or anything that would want to thwart God’s plan for him and his family. He thanked me very much for praying, and told me no one has ever done that before. He was truly touched.

Mexi-Q’s web site is ccmexiq.com and I encourage everyone to go taste Grandma’s Calabacitas, your taste buds will thank you.