A 10 year old Girl Acts out Jesus Heart

A friend was telling me about a true story about his ten year old daughter, who went with the family on a river rafting adventure. As he tells it, “Our river guide said she could sit on the front of the raft with her feet dangling over. The river was calm so I did not worry, but just as I felt comfortable with her on the front of the raft we hit a little rapid.” Immediately she went overboard headfirst into the river. Her Dad, being a super dad, jumped in splashing around trying to swim with a life jacket on to get to his Daughter. The guide did not panic but calmly yelled to her, “Just lean back and let your legs float to the top of the water.” No one seemed to bother about her Dad’s safety, but she listened and leaned back and then started floating downstream. She rode several rapids safely with her life jacket on enjoying every minute. She was having so much fun that they had a hard time convincing her to get back into the raft. After she was pulled aboard, she then kept jumping overboard to ride the rapids, “free-styling” as she called it.

Amazing lesson here..

Except you be like this child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven“.  That ten year-old wouldn’t have had ANY trouble walking out on the water to Jesus, because of her simple complete trust in Jesus, for him to say, “Come” is all she’d need. Simple obedience without weighing the consequences, not giving a thought of the danger because if Jesus says it, nothing else needs to be considered. Peter, on the other hand, with a life full of experiences, was careful and responded to Jesus without thinking at first, but when he saw his predicament, took his eyes off Jesus and the the fun and sheer enjoyment of the moment. He couldn’t leave life lessons behind, and rather than letting Jesus’s command to walk trump his learned experience, he decided to play it safe, and that’s what got him into trouble.

Jesus’s words tell it best when in Martha’s house and Mary was at his feet: “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

May we take hold the words of Jesus and leave our “play it safe” mentality behind. God will take us on an adventure and keep us “from dashing our foot on a stone“.